Going for a classic look at Prom and want to make sure you and your date match?  This tuxedo is the perfect way to set yourselves apart from the crowd.  This is a two-buttoned, single breasted jacket with a satin diamond lapel.  Match your prom date with a vest and tie the same color as her prom dress!


This tuxedo creates a modern and romantic look.  It is a one button tuxedo jacket with a satin shawl lapel.  Make your prom night special and stand out amongst your friends with this fashionable tuxedo.  This style works excellently with a deep V-neck vest and a bow-tie. 


Dare to be sleek and different on your prom night with this fantastic tuxedo.  This tuxedo features a single breasted shape with a high collar.  It pairs well with a patterned vest and simple tie.


This is a unique tuxedo style that looks handsome on all men.  This handsome tuxedo jacket features a satin pin-stripe and a stain shell lapel.  It goes well with a colorful or patterned tuxedo vest, bow tie, or neck tie.